Rediscovered Coffin Plates

We have just discovered coffin name plates which were removed during the restoration for safe keeping and forgotten about! They are the plates from the coffins of The Old Fox, Simon the Master, Archibald Fraser and Henry Emo Fraser. They were covered in wax which was from candles people had used to try and read them in the past. Many thanks to Andrew for managing to get clear photos of them.

(click to enlarge)


5 thoughts on “Rediscovered Coffin Plates

    1. frejalundberg Post author

      We have a translation for the Old Fox’s but we don’t have one for the Latin on Henry Emo Fraser’s. We’re working on that.


    1. frejalundberg Post author

      Hi, the Mausoleum was bought in 1990, the Wardlaw Mausoleum Trust was set up in 1993 and the restoration was in 1997.


      1. Anne

        Thank you for your reply. Regarding the coffin name plates, could they not have been removed at an earlier date?


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